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Savotta Saddle Sack 323 Savotta Saddle Sack 323 Backpack
For the outdoor romantics among us who like to do traditional trekking the Savotta Saddle Sack 323 would be a perfect choice for a backpack. This backpack has been virtually unchanged for 50 years. Why should you change something that...
€179.99 *
Savotta Jäger II (Jäger M) Rucksack Savotta Jäger II (Jäger M) Backpack
For all those who are looking for a compact and robust backpack that can be used for more than just a day tour the Savotta Jäger II (Jäger M) backpack is the ideal choice. This backpack is based on the Border Patrol Light, the backpack...
From €192.45 *
Savotta Grenzjäger (Jäger L) Savotta Grenzjäger (Jäger L) Backpack
The Savotta Grenzjäger (Jäger L) is a multifunctional, tactical trekking backpack from the Jäger family. The origin of the Jäger L is the Savotta Border Patrol backpack. This is particularly popular with the Finnish army as well as with...
From €314.00 *
Savotta Jäger 1 (Jäger XL) Backpack Savotta Jäger 1 (Jäger XL) Backpack
Another flagship from Savotta: the Savotta Jäger 1 (Jäger XL) backpack. This backpack is characterized in almost all important aspects of a trekking backpack. It is robust, offers a lot of storage space, it is comfortable and it is...
€599.90 *
Savotta Jäger Mini (Jäger S) Rucksack Savotta Jäger Mini (Jäger S) Backpack
The smallest backpack from the Jäger series: the Savotta Jäger Mini (Jäger S) backpack. Due to its compact size, this backpack is a true all-rounder. Whether on a bike, in the city or on a short day trip into nature, this robust backpack...
From €139.90 *
Savotta Saddle Sack 339 Backpack Savotta Saddle Sack 339 Backpack
A small and practical all-rounder from the 1950s: The Savotta Saddle Sack 339. The design was originally adopted from the 1950s, only the material was changed and adapted to today's standards. The main compartment is closed with a large...
€244.41 * €259.90 *
Savotta Torrakko Backpack Savotta Torrakko Backpack
The clever hunting backpack from Savotta: The Savotta Torrakko. The most striking thing about this backpack is probably the special weapon bag. In this the hunting-weapon can be transported either loosely or fixed, whichever is more...
From €165.00 *
Savotta Saddle Sack 123 Savotta Saddle Sack 123 Backpack
Another classic from Savotta: the Savotta Saddle Sack 123. The backpack was modeled on the Finnish design from the early 20th century and has been in use since 1950. The main compartment is closed with a large lid. There is no...
€99.00 *