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Savotta Grenzjäger (Jäger L) Savotta Grenzjäger (Jäger L) Backpack
The Savotta Grenzjäger (Jäger L) is a multifunctional, tactical trekking backpack from the Jäger family. The origin of the Jäger L is the Savotta Border Patrol backpack. This is particularly popular with the Finnish army as well as with...
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Savotta Jäger 1 (Jäger XL) Backpack Savotta Jäger 1 (Jäger XL) Backpack
Another flagship from Savotta: the Savotta Jäger 1 (Jäger XL) backpack. This backpack is characterized in almost all important aspects of a trekking backpack. It is robust, offers a lot of storage space, it is comfortable and it is...
€599.90 *