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Savotta Jäger II (Jäger M) Rucksack Savotta Jäger II (Jäger M) Backpack
For all those who are looking for a compact and robust backpack that can be used for more than just a day tour the Savotta Jäger II (Jäger M) backpack is the ideal choice. This backpack is based on the Border Patrol Light, the backpack...
From €182.00 *
Savotta Saddle Sack 339 Backpack Savotta Saddle Sack 339 Backpack
A small and practical all-rounder from the 1950s: The Savotta Saddle Sack 339. The design was originally adopted from the 1950s, only the material was changed and adapted to today's standards. The main compartment is closed with a large...
€259.90 *
Savotta Torrakko Backpack Savotta Torrakko Backpack
The clever hunting backpack from Savotta: The Savotta Torrakko. The most striking thing about this backpack is probably the special weapon bag. In this the hunting-weapon can be transported either loosely or fixed, whichever is more...
From €165.00 *