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Sagan DuraFlo Waterfilter- Replacement filter Sagan DuraFlo Waterfilter- Replacement filter
The DuraFlo water filter is everything you wish for in a good water filter! It is a filter that removes viruses, bacteria, protozones and chemical contaminants from the water and makes it completely safe to drink! You don't want to miss...
€83.50 *
Savotta HAWU 8 - Modularzelt Savotta HAWU 8 modular tent - 5 to 8 person tent
Innovation is also very important for the HAWU 8. Of course it can also be assumed here that the HAWU 8 is just as useful and reliable as the HAWU 4. The only difference is the size: The HAWU 8 can hold 5 to 8 people! The HAWU 8 is a...
From €790.00 *
Savotta HAWU 4 - Modularzelt Savotta HAWU 4 modular tent - 2 to 6 person tent
The HAWU 4 is an innovative 2 to 4 person tent with a revised design with the main focus on usefulness and reliability! It belongs to the group of more modular group tents and can therefore be put together differently and flexibly...
From €590.00 *