Savotta HAWU 4 modular tent - 2 to 6 person tent

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  • ST-0179732
The HAWU 4 is an innovative 2 to 4 person tent with a revised design with the main focus on... more
Product information "Savotta HAWU 4 modular tent - 2 to 6 person tent"

The HAWU 4 is an innovative 2 to 4 person tent with a revised design with the main focus on usefulness and reliability! It belongs to the group of more modular group tents and can therefore be put together differently and flexibly depending on requirements. The "basic tent" consists of a front and a back, which can be combined with each other via a zipper. If desired, you can also extend the tent with a middle section, so you have even more space. Of course you can also use just one half of the tent as a kind of tarp / loue.

With the middle part you can expand the tent further and then have even more space! With the middle part up to 6 people fit into the tent!

When setting up, you also have the free choice of three different setup variations: Either you set up the tent around a central tent pole, as is customary with tipi tents, or you use a tree and tie the tent around it. For maximum space you can “hang” the tent from a rope that is stretched between two trees and completely do without the tent pole (see picture). The HAWU does not require side poles like conventional tents, yet it is very sturdy and wind-stable, even during very harsh conditions! The set-up of the HAWU basic tent is very simple and can be done under almost any condition! The two halves of the tent are connected with a zipper and covered and protected by small flaps. No corner poles are required for assembly. The entire tend is tied down with 8 pegs via 8 very robust guy straps. If you don't have a tent pole at hand, such as the Savotta telescopic pole, you can also use a long sturdy branch, a walking stick or a smaller tree.

The HAWU was developed for very demanding weather. When it is cold, you can use a tent stove in the tent. There is also a passage for the stovepipe. On the top of the inside of the tent you can also hang ropes on which you can hang wet clothes thanks to the existing eyelets. However, if the weather is nice and you feel the desire to let the sunshine into the tent, you can also roll up the tent. So there is again a high degree of flexibility. Thanks to the special tent design, it is not so noticeable in thicker forests and can not be seen from above, for example if you set up the tent around a very dense tree. This is of particular interest to stealth campers. If you have to leave the tent quickly due to an emergency, you can open the zipper by doing a swimming motion and leave the tent standing. Since the tent fabric is extremely flame-retardant, you can use the tent stove without any great concerns.

However, the fabric is not just flame retardant. It is also mold-resistant and breathable! Thanks to the fabric, which consists of different fibers, the fabric is also almost waterproof in a natural way. When it comes into contact with water, it swells and seals the fabric without chemical treatment or  impregnation agents! On the one hand you are doing something good for your environment, on the other hand the protection is not lost after long use. Care was also taken to ensure that the material dries quickly, another advantage! There are several ways to ventilate the tent. For example, you can either only open the tent at the top or you can open a whole side completely. In order to drive moisture out of the tent, it is advisable to leave only the ventilation opening open when using the tent oven.

The entrance is another purchase factor for this tent. The entrance is designed so that you enter the tent and do have to crawl inside. So you don't have to crawl through dirt or snow, which you then carry into the tent. In addition, the entrance is equipped with a heat shield that keeps the heat in the tent, even when the entrance is open

The HAWU was developed by Pasi Ylirisku in 1993 and has since been put to the test by several outdoor men, Bushcraftsmen and countless other outdoor fans. This gave new incentives and the tent was continuously developed. What you get here is a product that has been continuously improved for more than 20 years! It is not for this reason that the HAWU tents are very popular! See for yourself! Once you've used a HAWU tent, you don't want another one. The usual processing quality of Savotta as well as the really high benefit factor, even in extreme conditions, make this tent one of the best tents available worldwide!

The HAWU advantages at a glance:

  • Design and structure
  • Comfort and configuration options
  • Security and environment are not harmed
  • Concept innovations
  • Innovative material
  • Corner guy straps put tension on the tent and give it stability, no tent poles necessary
  • Ventilation options
  • Tent stove compatible
  • Entrance with heat shield
  • Suitable for winter / storm stability
  • Modularity
  • Emergency exit


  • Half with entrance and stovepipe opening
  • Half without entrance
  • Middle section (optional)
  • Central rod (optional)
  • Footprint (optional)
  • Pegs (optional)
  • Recommendation pegs
  • One half = 5 pegs for corner points and 5 pegs for guy ropes (10 pieces)
  • Complete = 8 pegs for corner points and 8 pegs for guy ropes (16 pieces)
  • Complete with extension = 10 pegs for corner points and 10 pegs for guy ropes (20 pieces)

Technical specifications:

  • Weight: Half with entrance (4.5 KG) Half without entrance (3.5 KG) Extension middle section (3.8 KG)
  • Material: Anti-mold and fire-resistant cotton blend (70% cotton, 30% polyester)
  • Space: 2 to 4 People   
  • With middle section: Space for up to 6 people
  • Color: olive green
  • Floor space: 10 m²
  • Diameter: 3.5 m
  • Height: 150 - 165 cm
  • Central pole: 3-part aluminum telescopic pole (optional)

Caution! Tent Pegs are not included and must be ordered separately!

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