Savotta HAWU 8 modular tent - 5 to 8 person tent

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Innovation is also very important for the HAWU 8. Of course it can also be assumed here that the... more
Product information "Savotta HAWU 8 modular tent - 5 to 8 person tent"

Innovation is also very important for the HAWU 8. Of course it can also be assumed here that the HAWU 8 is just as useful and reliable as the HAWU 4. The only difference is the size: The HAWU 8 can hold 5 to 8 people!

The HAWU 8 is a modular group tent and can always be adapted and modified according to the circumstances. The basic tent consists of a front part with entrance and a back part. Both parts are connected with a zipper and then create the tent. It can also be expanded with a middle section to offer more space. The middle section can accommodate up to 12 people in the tent.

Just like the smaller HAWU 4, the 8-series can also be built in a variety of ways. Either you build it around a central pole like a kind of tipi or around a tree. You get most of the space if you hang the tent between two trees from a rope so you can do without the center pole and have even more space as a result!

The assembly itself is child's play and even works on its own. Gloves or frozen hands are also no problem when assembling the tent. The HAWU tents do not have corner poles. The tent is only tensioned with guy straps and these are fixed with pegs.

The HAWU tents are developed for extreme conditions, for example expeditions to the far north. So you can assume that the material can withstand a lot. And it does! It is breathable and at the same time almost completely waterproof thanks to the fabric! Part of the fabric consists of cellulose, which swells when wet and seals the pores. That is why Savotta does not use impregnation, which means that nature is not polluted with any chemicals. Another advantage is that the material is mold-resistant and dries quickly. However, what makes the material particularly suitable for cold weather is the flame-retardant properties!

Due to the flame retardant effect, the use of a tent oven in the HAWU tents is not a problem. An opening is also provided for a stovepipe. So you can make yourself warm in the tent, even if the temperature is below freezing.

The profile of the HAWU series is generally kept very flat and is therefore particularly unobtrusive. This is particularly interesting for hunters or people who like stealth camping and don't want to attract too much attention when camping.

The main entrance of the tent is very practical, as you can enter the tent standing up and you don't have to crawl through snow and dirt, which you then carry into the tent. The entrance is also equipped with a heat shield. This keeps the heat in the tent, even when the entrance is open.

The HAWU series always enjoys new incentives and ideas that are given by bushcraftsmen, outdoor men and other outdoor fans. And that has been the case since its foundation in 1993. The series is constantly being developed and improved for almost 30 years. So you get a product that is perfectly adapted to many conditions and does not let you down!

The HAWU advantages at a glance:

  • Design and structure
  • Comfort and configuration options
  • Security and environment are very important
  • Concept innovations
  • Innovative material
  • Corner guy straps tension the tent and make it very stable even during harsh storms, no tent poles necessary
  • Ventilation options
  • Tent stove compatible
  • Entrance with heat shield
  • Suitable for winter / storm stability
  • Modularity
  • Emergency exit


  • Half with entrance and stovepipe opening
  • Half without entrance
  • Middle section (optional)
  • Central rod (optional)
  • Footprint (optional)
  • Pegs (optional)

Technical specifications:

  • Weight: half with entrance (6 KG) | Half without entrance (5 KG) | Extension middle section (4.5 KG)
  • Material: anti-mold and fire-resistant cotton blend (70% cotton, 30% polyester)
  • Middle part: The middle part can accommodate up to 12 people in the tent
  • Color: olive green
  • Floor space: 13 m²
  • Diameter: 4 m
  • Height: 160-180 cm
  • Central pole: 3-part aluminum telescopic pole (optional)
  • Warranty: 2 years warranty on material defects as well as manufacturing defects

Recommendation pegs:

  • One half = 5 pegs for corner points and 5 pegs for guy ropes (10 pieces)
  • Complete = 8 pegs for corner points and 8 pegs for guy ropes (16 pieces)
  • Complete with extension = 10 pegs for corner points and 10 pegs for guy ropes (20 pieces)
  • Caution! Tent hangers are not included and must be ordered separately!
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