Sagan AquaBrick Waterfilter-System

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The Sagan AquaBrick with water filter system is the ideal water filter for longer hikes, boat... more
Product information "Sagan AquaBrick Waterfilter-System"

The Sagan AquaBrick with water filter system is the ideal water filter for longer hikes, boat tours, kayak trips or as an emergency filter during disasters. The Sagan AquaBrick water filter turns any salt-free water into safe drinking water! It filters bacteria, virus and cryptosporidia!

The so-called Hydradyne Technology is also special. This reduces the water tension of the water to be filtered after filtering. The reason why this is interesting is as follows: The human body can only absorb water with a certain surface tension. This is approximately 45 dynes. Tap water is usually 72 dynes. This means for us and our body that we have to use energy to reduce this water to 45 dynes and thus quench our thirst. However, the Sagan water filter is able to reduce exactly this dyn value from 72 dynes to a total of 52 dynes. This means that our body needs less energy to absorb the water, our thirst is quenched faster and more nutrients are absorbed via the water! This is perfect for every trip as it uses less water!

But it is not only this feature that makes this water filter system ideal for hiking or preparing for disasters. There are also a number of other properties that shouldn't be missing from any water filter!

Fast drinking water filtering! The AquaBrick Filter System filters a whole half a gallon (just over 1.75 liters) per minute! Compared to other systems, this is much faster! In addition, you can have a total of 700 gallons, which corresponds to just over 2600 liters of water! The filtering takes place via pressure build-up.

High performance in filtering! The filter removes 99.9999% of bacteria (e.g. Salmonella, Cholera, Ecoli), 99.9999% of protozones (e.g. Giardia) and 99.99% of viruses from the water. This will make the water safe to drink!

Ready for any emergency! The AquaBrick system filters up to 500 gallons of swimming pool water! This means that in addition to bacteria, viruses and protozones, this filter can also be used to remove chemicals, poisons and heavy metals from the water.

The AquaBrick container is also particularly practical because its special shape means that it can be stacked. Thanks to the outer handles, the container can also be strapped to the outside of a backpack using straps, for example. Thanks to the particularly large opening, the container can be filled up quickly, but also emptied and cleaned. The container is logically completely watertight, which makes it perfect as a food container or for storing documents. Of course, the container is BPA-free, so eating food from it does not pose any health concerns!


  • Water filter for outdoor applications and for disaster preparedness
  • Filters viruses, bacteria and protozones and makes water safe to drink!
  • Removes chemical contaminants, poisons and heavy metals
  • Waterproof
  • AquaBrick is perfect for water storage, food storage and document storage (like a canoe bin)

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x AquaBrick water container
  • 1 x DuraFlo water filter
  • 1 x hand pump
  • 1 x hoses and spigot

Technical details:

  • Volume: 3 gallons (11.3562 liters)
  • Filter capacity: Up to 700 gallons (2649.79 liters)
  • Filter speed: 0.5 gallons (1.89271 liters) per minute
  • Weight: approx. 1.14 kg
  • Dimensions: 22.86 cm x 45.72 cm x 15.24 cm
  • Material: Robust polyethylene, BPA-free
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